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Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a naturalistic approach to resolving and healing trauma developed by Peter Levine, PhD. Based on his observations that highly stressed animals recover from life-threatening situations through the completion of "Fight, Flight or Freeze" responses without any remaining trauma symptoms, Dr. Levine noted the same capacity in humans.

Humans have this same innate mechanism for completing the "Fight, Flight and Freeze" responses and restoration of healthy regulation of the autonomic nervous system along with other vital body systems.

Unfortunately, when we experience traumatic or overwhelming events, this healthy process is often thwarted by developmental limitations, situational circumstances, limited capacity and tolerance for high activation states, and self-conscious inhibition. Suppression of intolerable nervous system activation states that may help to integrate traumatic stress responses perpetuate patterns of stress in the nervous system. This unintegrated life energy becomes held in the body as somatic memory and expresses as psychological and or physical symptoms.

With repeated or unintegrated trauma this bound energy can lead to syndromes including Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Disorders, Hypertension, Pain Syndromes, Irritable Bowel, Spastic Colon, Sympathetically Mediated Pain Syndrome.

Through proper attention and support, Somatic Experiencing directs awareness to resourced (healing) states, initiating "pendulation" between resourced and unresourced states. Trauma "re-experienced" in this way is usually very tolerable to the client, as it is done in small doses, called "titrations. " Titrations are expanded and deepened only as the client's capacity expands. For this reason, trauma work often proceeds at a slow pace, and relief is experienced in increments. Nonetheless, changes that occur this way are more significant for their impact, long lasting, and promote overall health.

Change occurs at an organic physiological level; when we make lasting change we are changing our neurology and physiology. The skillful application of Somatic Experiencing protocols tap into the organic intelligence that is the driving force of this change and growth. Somatic Experiencing works in concert with the organization of our conscious awareness, thoughts, feelings and this organic intelligence sometimes appreciated as an aspect of enlightened consciousness.

The reason why Somatic Experiencing is so very powerful is that it teaches people how to address their physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms from the body as well as from the mind.
Thought and meaning activity of the mind is largely shaped by conditioned cycles or phases of autonomic nervous system response.
When the Fight/Flight reactions of the Autonomic Nervous System are quiet and calm, the mind settles and becomes more present. Conversely when the Fight/Flight responses are activated via the Sympathetic nervous system the mind gets busy attending to danger in the environment (or internally if traumatic nervous system conditioning becomes activated). If the immediate environment is relatively safe the thinking and non-conscious mind draws on a history of associations that relate in a felt sense way to current physiological and psychological states of threat.

The Freeze response of the Autonomic Nervous System is less well known and actually accounts for many of the unpleasant feeling states we may find ourselves in. When threat responses of fight or flight are overwhelmed or unavailable our nervous system may automatically engage this third response - Freeze. We have all been exposed to this experience that conditions our nervous system to respond with numbness, disconnection and dissociation. Residual freeze responses are present to various degrees in all of our nervous systems and are the most challenging to see ourselves because these states envelope our conscious awareness. The protocols of Somatic Experiencing are designed to work with and resolve Freeze and dissociation in very subtle and intentional ways.

We use the techniques and protocols of Somatic Experiencing to not only access and resolve the symptoms of trauma but also to shepherd the expansive, empowered, resiliency and capacity that is innate and our true nature.

For Somatic Experiencing Students

My study of Somatic Experiencing began in 2004.  Since completing my SEP in 2006 I have assisted with more than 60 SE training modules in Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, London and Saskatoon and San Diego. During the last 9 years I have completed Kathy Kain’s Touch Training for Psychotherapists, Somatic Resilience and Regulation: Early Trauma, and assisted at her Touch trainings. I have also assisted with Diane Poole-Heller's Dynamic Attachment and Repair (DARE) trainings.

Richard is approved by the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute to provide Personal Sessions and Personal Consultations to SE students at all levels.

Sessions are available to SE students in person in Sidney and at the variuos trainings where Richard is assisting. Richard also provides sessions and consultations via telephone and Skype.


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